Treasure Hunt

A Shelby McDougall Mysteries Story

Nancy Wood

When ten-year-old Tyler signs up for a Saturday afternoon treasure hunt sponsored by the city’s Parks department, he discovers much more than he bargained for.

His beloved Granny had begged him to register. She said he’d meet new kids, see some new places in Santa Cruz, and spend an afternoon outside, away from the computer. Tyler agreed, believing that when the day came, he’d be back with his mom.

But no.

That day is here, and Tyler is out in the woods, looking for treasure, with a group of kids he doesn’t know.

The only person he does recognize is that man — the one he never wanted to see again.

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About The Author

Nancy Wood

Nancy Wood

Nancy Wood grew up in various locations on the East Coast and now calls Central California home. Recently retired, she spent 35 years as a technical writer, translating engineer-speak into words and sentences. She likens it to translating ancient Greek — when you’re not too familiar with the Greek part.

Since retiring, she and her husband have been traveling the world. So far, they’ve visited France, Spain, England, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, and Vietnam. They are not anywhere close to done and have many more trips planned.

Nancy is also a passionate photographer, focusing on macro photography. She can be found at Nancy Wood Books.