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2024 Newsletters

  • May 2024: Set sail for the “Sea of Betrayal” …
  • April 2024: Visit “The Library of Everything” …
  • March 2024: “Fault Zone: Detachment” wins Independent Press Award
  • February 2024: You’ll LOVE these books and stories (see what we did there?)
  • January 2024: Harvard Magazine features Paper Angel Press author Greg Stone

2023 Newsletters

  • November 2023: Thirty-nine interpretations of one word: detachment
  • October 2023: Only treats and no tricks this month!
  • September 2023: The 1960s were everything you thought they were … and worse.
  • August 2023: New books for young readers
  • June 2023: Experience the mystery of “Haycorn Smith and the Castle Ghost” and our other new and thrilling titles!
  • April 2023: Experience “The Butterfly Cage” and our other upcoming titles
  • January 2023: When you can sense a mystery …

2022 Newsletters

  • April 2022: how do you spell the sound of crickets
  • March 2022: Welcome to The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy!
  • February 2022: Support your local bookstores during this shortest month

2021 Newsletters

2020 Newsletters

2019 Newsletters

  • December 2019: A cloning conundrum, the joys of journaling, and seeking your stories
  • November 2019: Our collection of corporate comeuppance and other tales
  • October 2019: Take a bite from the “Fruit of the Devil” and other tales to come
  • September 2019: “The Stork” delivers a new mystery, and other tales to come
  • August 2019: Choosing the goddess who might save the world, seeking your stories of corporate comeuppance, and falling for new books coming your way soon
  • July 2019: Tales that come from sometimes after dark, seeking your chronicles of corporate comeuppance, and coming soon to a bookshelf near you
  • June 2019: Our book report on BayCon, and seeking your stories of bureaucratic retribution
  • May 2019: New tales from “Grimaulkin”, booking it at BayCon, and seeking your stories of corporate comeuppance
  • April 2019: Calling for your submissions of Corporate Catharsis, tales about to be told, and stories to challenge your perceptions
  • March 2019: Reaching a new “Due Date”, meeting author Nancy Wood, and seeking your stories
  • February 2019: Exploring Memory and Metaphor, meeting Andrea Monticue, and seeking your tales of corporate woe
  • January 2019: A Happy New Year and discovering The Last Speck of the World

2018 Newsletters

  • December 2018: Happy Birthday to us, and We Came, We Wrote, We NaNoWriMo’ed
  • November 2018: Hearing Beguiling Voices, conversations at Rhode Island ComicCon, and getting ready to NaNoWriMo
  • October 2018: Experiencing the magic of War Mage, writings from WorldCon, and other stories soon to come
  • August 2018: We’re winging it to WorldCon, hear us tell our stories, and tell us your own