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Anonymity, Pseudonymity, and Promotion part 2

In Part 1 of this discussion, we talked about why someone might want to stay anonymous as a result of stalking or for personal safety. Here are some more of the other really good reasons to stay anonymous. Transitioning Transitioning is a really tough process, made intentionally tougher in some places. Plenty of gifted writers have discussed the process, so I'm not going to repeat that here. What I am going to say, however, is that you may, or may not, be ready to ditch your deadname. You may be out, or you may not. You may have fully transitioned,...

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Leave a Review! (or, Developing a Culture of Praise)

I think most writers wrangle with the feeling that their writing is garbage, from time to time. Our own inner critics take our rough drafts and compare them incessantly and unkindly to the great works that exist in the world. And this is a normal part of the growth process. Read something polished, pick up those tricks, apply them to our works-in-progress lather-rinse-repeat. But another thing happens, sometimes. Sometimes the critics get you. I just recently completed a gig, writing blog posts for a software company. It's work I've been doing for decades, but this time I got a hold...

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Anonymity and Promotion (Part 1)

Content warning: stalking, harassment, threats, and law enforcement indifference to those things It's generally assumed that if you're going to write a book, you are going to promote that book. Tell your friends, buy a copy for your mom to take to bridge club, whatever. "I did this!!!!" you shout from the rooftops. You actively work to build your social media standing, so as to increase the reach of your posts, so more people get the treat of reading your work. That's how it works, right? Except when it doesn't. For many of us, existing within both digital and meatspace...

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Ranty Blogpost: Simultaneous Submissions

Paper Angel Press

It's happened three times in rapid succession. I mean, the right kind of problem to have is that you get a flurry of new submissions, and lately, the Press, all its Imprints, and all of its anthologies, are receiving a record number of submissions. We are giddy to see this pickup in volume. A lot of it is word of mouth -- our authors saying nice things about us in public, and encouraging their writer friends to find us. So overall, it's good all the way around, and we're grateful. But every once in a while, something explodes in your...

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