Anonymity and Promotion (Part 1)

Content warning: stalking, harassment, threats, and law enforcement indifference to those things It's generally assumed that if you're going to write a book, you are going to promote that book. Tell your friends, buy a copy for your mom to take to bridge club, whatever. "I did this!!!!" you shout from the rooftops. You actively work to build your social media standing, so as to increase the reach of your posts, so more people get the treat of reading your work. That's how it works, right? Except when it doesn't. For many of us, existing within both digital and meatspace...

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Trigger Warnings

Recently, on an editorial group I'm part of, the topic of trigger warnings came up. Predictably, a huge outpouring about the ridiculousness of such warnings was vomited forth by, frankly, a bunch of older white men. I posted the following in response: Just because some people may possibly, by your estimation, not require a trigger warning, doesn't mean that you are fully aware of everyone who does. I don't think that it's within the purview of editorial services to judge who may or may not possess a trigger response to given stimuli. There are people who have come through some...

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