Pious Rebel

Jory Post

After her partner dies suddenly, Lisa Hardrock realizes how little she knows about the life she’s been living — and starts exploring her questions in a blog that unexpectedly goes viral.

Following the sudden death of her domineering partner, Lisa Hardrock begins to discover how little she really knows about the life she's been living for the last seven years — and the man she was living it with.

As she confronts the secrets and unpaid debts her partner left behind, Lisa also begins to investigate the mysteries of her own life by beginning to write. Begun as a journal for her daily thoughts, her blog ends up going viral.

Along the way, Lisa discovers the truths and lies about those she has considered friends, learns more about Central Valley motorcycle gangs than she ever thought she needed to know, and unexpectedly ends up with a pantry full of sockeye salmon for her cat, Eloise.

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Jory Post

Jory Post

Jory Post was an educator, writer, and artist who lived in Santa Cruz, California. He and his wife, Karen Wallace, created handmade books and art together as JoKa Press. Jory was the co-founder and publisher of phren-z, an online literary quarterly, and founder of the Zoom Forward reading series.

His first book of prose poetry, The Extra Year, was published in 2019, and was followed by a second, Of Two Minds, in 2020. His novel, Pious Rebel, also appeared in 2020.

His work has been published in Catamaran Literary Reader, Chicago Quarterly Review, Rumble Fish Quarterly, The Sun, and elsewhere. His short stories “Sweet Jesus” and “Hunt and Gather” were nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize.

3 reviews for Pious Rebel

  1. Karen Joy Fowler

    “A lovely book about how a death can force a person to reinvent a life. The mysteries are compelling and their unraveling a pleasure to watch. As an added bonus, the book is full of other good books and no end of fantastic meals. Life can be both hard and joyous and this wonderful book acknowledges both.”

    Karen Joy Fowler, author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

  2. Jonathan Franzen

    “Life and art, process and product, are inextricable for Jory Post. The stories he tells are simultaneously rooted in great specificity and engaged with the processes of storytelling: with the surprises of memory and invention, with the ways in which art is made and shared, and with the dynamics of communities in which art flourishes. He’s happening, and his art is happening — it’s exciting work.”

    Jonathan Franzen, author of Purity

  3. Elizabeth McKenzie

    “A brilliant novel of reckoning, joyous and sinister, showcasing Post’s genius at depicting the material of existence, the exquisite quality of every living day.”

    Elizabeth McKenzie, author of The Portable Veblen

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