The Lip Reader

Michael Thal

Beginning in Iran during the 1960s, and based on a true story, Zhila Shirazi tells her own story about a deaf woman who refused to allow adversity to stop her from reaching her dreams.

Disgusted with the treatment of Jews by the new Islamic government, Zhila immigrates to the United States for a better life and a chance to improve her hearing. There she meets her soulmate, Mickey Daniels, and she begins to feel her life complete.

Then tragedy strikes: Zhila learns she has an aggressive form of cancer. In the months that follow, right up to the end, Zhila Shirazi shows her caring nature, innate intelligence, and willpower to overcome almost any challenge.

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Michael Thal

Michael Thal

Michael Thal is a freelance writer and author in Los Angeles, California. Michael began his career in public education. Due to a severe hearing loss, he left his tenured sixth grade teaching assignment to learn the writing craft.

Since 2001, Michael has written over 80 articles for magazines like Highlights For Children, Fun for Kidz, Writer’s Digest, and San Diego Family Magazine.

His novels include Goodbye Tchaikovsky, The Legend of Koolura, Koolura and the Mystery at Camp Saddleback, Koolura and the Mayans, and The Abduction of Joshua Bloom.

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