Modus Perfectus

Elisabeth Hegmann

Lonely misfits face foes, beasts, and their own inner demons in search of a mythical land of music … and end up finding themselves instead.

… a woman in the chorus of a musical finds herself caught up in a love triangle with a ghost and helpless to stop the star’s obsession.

… the wife of a famous rock star realizes that the manager intends to kill the entire band and that she can only save herself — and maybe one small boy.

… a musician finds himself involved in a puzzling stunt as a pirated radio station plays an obscure song he recorded years ago with his old bandmates.

… a competitive diver turned musicologist writes a book on genetically-engineered twin musicians and finds himself under their spell — and threatened by their powerful mother.

… an 18-year-old girl realizes that it’s time to embrace her quirkiness and her dreams after the mayor of her small town hires an elderly and eccentric architect to redesign it.

… the friend of a woman tries to help her get an audition for a documentary a famous actor is making about unattractive people.

… a tone-deaf woman who dislikes music finds herself pregnant at age 45 with three children who might become the saviors of music and seeks her own redemption.

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Elisabeth Hegmann

Elisabeth Hegmann

Elisabeth Hegmann is a speculative fiction writer whose work has always been informed richly and powerfully by music. She grew up in a family of classically-trained dreamers and musicians, and, despite brave attempts otherwise, she has failed to understand anything about the box, let alone how to fit inside it. She has a B.A. in creative writing from IU and an MFA in fiction from NCSU.

In addition to slipstream stories, novellas, and novels, Elisabeth writes librettos for musical stage works. Her work has been published in a variety of journals, produced on regional stages, and won several small awards. She lives in her hometown of North Vernon, Indiana, where she works diligently to be worthy of the love of a dog and teaches every imaginable kind of writing to tolerant college students. For information about her current projects, visit her website