Carnival Farm

Lisa Jacob

When a local veterinarian decides to take over a traveling carnival’s petting zoo, she doesn’t realize the insanity behind the scenes.

Seagn Conway is tired of her veterinary practice — the same entitled pet parents, the same dogs and cats, maybe the occasional lizard or snake, now bore her to pieces.

When a traveling carnival with a farm animal petting zoo comes to town, she discovers all the animals are depressed, malnourished, and neglected.

Seagn knows she can do a better job of taking care of them than anyone else there, so she purchases the animals, their cages, and their transportation with the purpose of following the carnival around, presenting the animals in their natural habitat.

Was it the right decision, she wonders, to give up everything she had for this ragtag collection of failing farm animals?

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Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob has been writing since she could hold a pencil and draw a straight line. She wrote fan fiction before branching out into novels and short stories.

In the early 2000’s, Lisa was a carny in a traveling circus for a summer, where she met her husband. Interested in magic(k), cards, and divination, she lives in Rhode Island with her son and three cats.

Lisa is also the author of the "Grimaulkin" and "War Mage" fantasy series, as well as Real Magic for Writers.

You can find out more about Lisa Jacob at her website,

4 reviews for Carnival Farm

  1. Nancy Wood

    “… a delightful read, and is just the right length to cozy up with. Highly recommended.”

    Nancy Wood, author of “The Shelby McDougall Mysteries

  2. Steven Radecki

    “A fun romp, with thought-provoking undertones.”

    Steven Radecki, author of Building Baby Brother

  3. Michael Thal

    “Author Lisa Jacob does a beautiful job describing carnival life in post-Pandemic New England. The characters feel authentic and the scenes of daily carnival life seem spot-on.”

    Michael Thal, author of The Lip Reader

  4. J Dark

    “… an intricately detailed view of the inner workings of a small struggling carnival and has a quirky cast of good and bad characters. The detail and the people all have their own quirks and personalities, with the life in the carnival itself very detailed and realistic.”

    J Dark, author of Best Intentions and Sometimes After Dark

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