Noir is the Word

Douglas Rees, Mark London Williams

When a bomb goes off at the Halloween dance at Octavia Butler High School , two of the survivors are Rupert Treen and his best friend Jennifer (JX) Jones. Rupert staggers away from the scene of the explosion, finds a cryptic inscription on a nearby wall, and is knocked cold by somebody in what looks like an old German army helmet.

Infuriated, and inspired by the heroes of the old noir movies that he loves, Rupert, who has an alter ego he calls Niles Hollywood, sets out to find out who did it. JX, more sensible than her friend, and more erudite than anyone else around, goes along to try to see he doesn’t get into trouble. But trouble comes.

Detective Sergeant Mulvaney, who has a gift for following wrong leads, doesn’t want them playing around with what seems to be a Neo-Nazi terror group, who appear to be targeting LGBTQ and interracial gathering places. Their parents want them to back off for their own safety. But Niles Hollywood is on the case and won’t be stopped.

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Douglas Rees

Douglas Rees

Douglas Rees is the author of almost thirty successful books for children and teens. His first book, Lightning Time, was published by DK Ink. Since then, he has had every adventure a children's writer can have.

Mark London Williams

Mark London Williams

Mark London Williams wrote the LA Times best-selling Danger Boy time travel series, among other books and anthology contributions. He covers show business, its content and discontents, as a columnist in Los Angeles. He has taught storytelling at Disney’s Creative Academy, keeps a watchful eye out for Santa Ana winds, and has two grown sons.