The Double Crossing

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Sylvia Patience

In 1939, shortly before World War II breaks out in Europe, thirteen-year-olds David and Hannah attempt to escape Nazi Germany, along with over nine hundred other Jewish refugees, on the historic voyage of the St. Louis.

Together, they discover a Nazi spy plot, and dare to interfere, nearly at the cost of Hannah’s life.

When the ship is forced to return to Europe, the passengers are divided between four countries. Despite their wishes, David and Hannah are sent to different destinations … perhaps separated forever.

Learning about these refugees of nearly a century ago will give young readers insight into today’s refugee crisis. It will help them understand why sometimes people must leave their countries, and what can happen to them when forced to return to regions they are trying to escape.

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Sylvia Patience

Sylvia Patience

Sylvia Patience has written three books for middle grade readers: Toto’s Tale and True Chronicle of Oz, the beloved Oz adventure retold from the point of view of Dorothy’s little dog, and The Double Crossing, the tale of thirteen-year-olds David and Hannah as they attempt to escape Nazi Germany, and The Weaver’s Daughter, which follows a young girl’s immigration journey from Mexico. The Weaver’s Daughter received a 2020 Moonbeam Children’s Book award.

Several of Sylvia’s short fairy tales have won prizes in the international Hans Christian Andersen contest in Sestri Levante, Italy, including first prize for a foreign entry in 2022. Her poems have appeared in The Porter Gulch Review, Calyx Journal, and poetry anthologies. Sylvia is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Sylvia lived in Mexico for several years. She speaks fluent Spanish and volunteers with the Santa Cruz Welcoming Network which helps new immigrants in the community. She lives in Santa Cruz, California with her family and small dog, where she enjoys seeing the variety of birds found along the coast, in the wetlands, and the mountains. You can find out more about her world and works at her website,

2 reviews for The Double Crossing

  1. K.

    A great read for all ages, not just young teens. Brings authentic life to recent history i didn’t know about. Engaging, well written and sustained my curiosity through the end.

  2. Jackie Pascoe

    This is truly a story for today, when so many refugees are sent back to the terrifying circumstances they have fled. In 1939, America was one of the countries that refused sanctuary to Jews fleeing Germany aboard the passenger ship St. Louis, which is the setting for the novel.

    I loved the details about the life of the passengers and crew, and the excitement and bitter disappointments of the journey, which we experience through the touching friendship that grows between two young teenagers. The story is lifted up by the bravery of the girl especially, who is determined to take a huge risk and make a difference in the fight against Hitler.

    One of my favorite minor characters is the ship’s German captain, a kindly man in a terribly complicated situation, who loves birds.

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