The Library of Everything

Hunter Terrell

Welcome to The Library.

This is no ordinary library. This magical place is infinite, and upon these shelves resides a book for everything … Everything. Every tree, every raindrop, every living thing that ever is, was, or will be, has a book that tells the story of their past, present, and future. Everyone has a book of their lives. That includes you.

Yours is waiting, if you can find it …

You are here because you have something to learn, and things you want to change about your lives and yourselves. The truths within these pages can be altered, granting you the power to bend reality to your will.

But are you prepared to be the author of your own story?

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About The Author

Hunter Terrell

Hunter Terrell

Hunter Terrell is a writer, artist, and adventurer hailing from the rugged terrain of Wyoming. He is a passionate Bible student, and a veteran who served in Afghanistan with Army Medevac at a young age. Along the way, he also completed his Associate of Science degree and became an EMT, with plans to continue his education.

When he's not scribbling down his next story or painting along with Bob Ross, you can find him exploring the great outdoors, hanging out with his awesome family and friends, and engaging in lively debates about storytelling, philosophy, and theology.