Andrew’s Accidental Mental Dental Love Call

Paul S. Moore

Cupid? Is that you?

Sometimes you look so hard for love that you can't see it when it's right in front of you.

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Paul S. Moore

Paul S. Moore

Paul S. Moore was born in the Missouri Ozarks, raised in St. Louis, and eventually settled in the sand of central Florida. He calls each of these places home.

His inner mix of hillbilly river rat, lowlands daydreamer, sand road hermit, and reader of nineteenth-century history writers form the base of a non-elite education. These roots allow imagination to turn historic events into serendipitous thoughts. Those thoughts organize into stories, and stories become novels.

With the remedial help of a good critique group, and the birth of publishing companies that read a manuscript without asking first, "What are your credentials?", he's found a voice to share those stories.

Paul is also the author of the "Stories in the Glass" series and "The Alchemist Daughter".