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New Audio Edition Release: “Grimaulkin Redeemed” by L. A. Jacob

We are thrilled to announce the audio edition of Grimaulkin Tempted (Book Three of the Grimaulkin Series) by L. A. Jacob.

Protect your present or suffer from your past.

It’s Scott’s birthday, and Mike LeBonte has big plans for his boyfriend.

First, he has to deal with losing his magic. However, he’s well-known to the police as a consultant, and someone has summoned a demon in the North Burial Ground in Providence. Not just any demon, but Lucifer himself.

As Mike fights to try and regain his magic to help the police, a man from his past comes into town and tries to make inroads on his boyfriend.

That, Mike cannot abide.

Narrated by Eric MacArthur, the audio edition of Grimaulkin Tempted (Book Two of the Grimaulkin Series) is available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

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