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Interview: Laureen Hudson, Acquisitions Editor

What got you into editing as a profession, and what helps with being a good editor? So that’s actually a funny story. Waaaaaaay back in high school, I signed up to work on the school newspaper. The teacher noticed me informally answering other people’s questions about spelling and word choice, and decided I should be the editor. That would have been where it stopped, except that the school principal made a habit of censoring editorials in the paper. It enraged me, and I embarked on an anti-censorship campaign that ultimately got me suspended a few times… but I learned the...

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Trigger Warnings

Recently, on an editorial group I'm part of, the topic of trigger warnings came up. Predictably, a huge outpouring about the ridiculousness of such warnings was vomited forth by, frankly, a bunch of older white men. I posted the following in response: Just because some people may possibly, by your estimation, not require a trigger warning, doesn't mean that you are fully aware of everyone who does. I don't think that it's within the purview of editorial services to judge who may or may not possess a trigger response to given stimuli. There are people who have come through some...

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