Deadline on Arrival

The Ronan Mezini Mysteries (Book One)

Greg Stone

Appearing in a news story can be fatal.

News becomes a dangerous business for everyone involved when the people profiled in the pages of The Boston Observer start filling the morgue. Spearheading the investigation, literate Detective Ronan Mezini has a rare condition called synesthesia that commingles his senses, turning sounds into colors.

Though he feels as if he's living in a movie with special effects, his skewed perceptions lead him to a startling link between the murders and put him on the trail of a killer on a warped mission.

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About The Author

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Before starting his communications company, Greg Stone spent a decade as a journalist in New York, Minneapolis, and Boston. In addition to the two Ronan Mezini mysteries, he has published three business books. Greg lives just outside Boston with his family and the world’s cutest rescue dog.

5 reviews for Deadline on Arrival

  1. Gina Vild

    “A thrilling whodunit! I found myself turning pages late into the night, right up to its highly satisfying and humdinger of an ending. Stone’s exceptional gift for storytelling and razor-sharp dialogue will make you yearn for more—and the good news is you can immediately satisfy that craving by diving into his sequel, Dangerous Inspiration.”

    Gina Vild

    author of The Two Most Important Days, How to Find your Purpose and Live a Happier, Healthier Life

  2. Louise Carter

    “I loved this book! Detective Ronan Mezini uniquely perceives the world through crossed sensory pathways. The novel blends a gripping mystery with deep explorations of justice and truth, culminating in an enticing ending that left me longing for more.”

    Louise Carter

    Communications Executive, Sydney, Australia

  3. Scott Duke Kominers

    “A masterwork: The type of mystery that makes headlines—with a detective so hard-boiled you can almost taste his thoughts.”

    Scott Duke Kominers

    Sarofim-Rock Professor, Harvard Business School

  4. Carlos Alvarenga

    “Greg Stone has a talent for bringing to life the characters of his beloved Boston, and one is quickly drawn into the world of journalists and detectives who push forward this fast-paced novel. Detective Manzini is a smart and entertaining narrator, and the story—built around a series of unsolved murders—grips you and keeps you reading. Stone, a former Boston journalist, has a talent for the everyday details and language that take a reader into his world.”

    Carlos Alvarenga

    Author of The Rules of Persuasion

  5. Sonia Goldenberg

    Deadline on Arrival, Greg Stone’s new detective thriller, is a page turner that had me reading it non-stop from start to finish. Stone smoothly develops his plot, sense of place and vivid characters. Stylishly written with all the twists and turns of a master of the genre.”

    Sonia Goldenberg

    Documentary filmmaker and New York Times columnist

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