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New Book Release: “Love on Fire: Practicing Embodied Intimacy After Sexual Trauma” by Leah RS Braun

We are thrilled to announce the release of Love on Fire: Practicing Embodied Intimacy After Sexual Trauma by Leah RS Braun.

A practical guide through the grueling (but sublimely rewarding) recovery journey from sexual trauma, told through experience, strength, and hope.

Walk again with Leah RS Braun as she guides her readers through the swirling and often murky waters of recovery from sexual trauma.

Leah recounts what has worked for her in her journey as a survivor, as well as sharing the poignant stories of several other brave women who have traveled a similar path toward recovery.

This book is more than words you read; it’s actions you take.

If you want to feel better and even (gasp!) enjoy your sexuality, grow your intimacy skills, attain power and sovereignty in your own skin, and do it all without being hijacked by trauma memories, intrusive thoughts, or repeating destructive patterns you can’t seem to stop on your own, this book is for you.

Join Leah as she shares intimately about her set-backs and victories on the path to trauma recovery, and begin your own survivorship journey on the way. Leah holds your hand as you read the book and begin detailing your own commitment to make healing changes in your life. She also provides you with real-world, affordable recovery resources you can access wherever you are.

Now is the time to reclaim your sexual and intimate power and agency, and to know that you’ll change our rape culture — one survivor at a time — as you step into your own sexual trauma recovery story.

Love on Fire: Practicing Embodied Intimacy After Sexual Trauma is available in hardcover (soon), trade paperback, and digital editions. Signed editions are also available.

And, for a limited time, get the digital edition Leah’s first book, Sex on Fire: Finding Embodied Intimacy After Trauma for only 99¢!

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