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NEW BOOK RELEASE: “Dangerous Inspiration” by Greg Stone

Dangerous Inspiration (front cover)

We are pleased to announce the official release of Dangerous Inspiration, a debut novel by Greg Stone.

Synesthesia alters detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini’s perceptions. But can it help him find the killer?

Detective-turned-novelist Ronan Mezini has skewed perceptions because of a condition called synesthesia, which for him transforms sounds into colors. These visions give him unusual insights that help him solve the case. So when a collection of eccentric — and possibly violent — creative people come together at an elite artists’ colony in rural Vermont, murders occur in rapid succession and suspicion falls on everyone as Mezini unearths the founding family’s secrets.

Dangerous Inspiration is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions from your favorite online booksellers. Signed copies are also available!

Join us on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST for a Virtual Book Launch Celebration of Dangerous Inspiration by Greg Stone!

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