The Best Gift You Can Give an Author is a Review

During this holiday season, when you’re looking for the perfect gift for that author friend or family member, here’s something that will fit every budget:

Leave a review.

There are a lot of important business-related reasons why leaving reviews is important to a book and author’s success. (We will discuss these in detail in another post.) The most important part:

Leave a review.

For authors and books, the two most important places to leave reviews are Amazon and Goodreads. You can even post the same review in both places!

Did you know:

Give the author in your life the perfect gift for the holidays.

Leave a review.

There is a size that fits every budget — and you don’t even have to gift wrap it!

“The Jiminy” and “Saying Goodbye”

by J Dark

The Jiminy

A man who had led a less-than-perfect life finds out that it’s never too late for redemption.

Saying Goodbye

A young girl, searching for the parents who abandoned her, discovers that some answers only lead to more questions.

Flavia Idà

I’ll make it short and sweet as my first comment: Paper Angel Press is everything an author wants. It’s a privilege to be a part of this publishing house, and I’m looking forward to every step of the way that will be in our future. As we say in Italy, “et ad majora semper” Here’s to higher and higher achievements always!

J Dark

It’s 1 July 2016, and today, I am seeing something I dreamed about, but, until recently, never thought I would have the opportunity to achieve. Paper Angel Press gave me the chance to submit a manuscript, and believed in it enough to publish. There are not words enough to express my gratitude for this chance. This is what businesses like Paper Angel Press do for people. They give new authors a chance to find themselves, and an opportunity to make dreams reality.

Niki Lenhart

Niki Lenhart is a professional artist and photographer. When she is not designing book covers and marketing material for Paper Angel Press, she enjoys photography, online gaming, camping, and board games. You can find more examples of her work at Niki Lenhart Designs and Niki Lenhart Photography.

Laureen Hudson

Laureen is a writer, publisher, editor, enthusiastic geek enabler, autodidact, activist, and instigator. She has spoken before capacity crowds at engineering conferences, gatherings, and hackfests on the topics of new media, communications, and publication models. She lives aboard a ’47 catamaran with her family, and if she’s not online, it’s probably because she’s crossing an ocean. She can be found at The Excellent Adventure.

Steven Radecki

When not managing Paper Angel Press, Steven is a certified project manager and web programmer, as well as an aspiring novelist, screenwriter, and short-story author.

He created Paper Angel Press because he wanted to make it easier for other writers realize their dreams of seeing their books published.

A native-born Californian, he currently lives with his family in Silicon Valley. He can be found at A Work in Progress.