New Book Release: “Carnival Farm” by Lisa Jacob

Carnival Farm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Carnival Farm by Lisa Jacob. Seagn Conway is tired of her veterinary practice — the same entitled pet parents, the same dogs and cats, maybe the occasional lizard or snake, now bore her to pieces. When a traveling carnival with a farm animal petting zoo comes to town, she discovers all the animals are depressed, malnourished, and neglected. Was it the right decision, she wonders, to give up everything she had for this ragtag collection of failing farm animals? Carnival Farm is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions....

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New Book Release: “Still Life” by Paul Skenazy

Still Life

We are pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of Still Life by Paul Skenazy. When his wife Edie dies, Will Moran abandons all he used to be, and do, to paint still life canvases of rocks and driftwood on the walls of his house. He’s never painted before, recognizes his paintings are awful, but returns each day to his struggles with light and shadow, color and object, boundary and perspective. Lost in his new obsession, Will avoids friends, gives away his furniture, and wanders the streets of his small coastal town late into the night. He eavesdrops...

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Paper Angel Press Welcomes Author Michael Thal

Michael Thal

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that we have officially signed an agreement with author Michael Thal to publish his novel, The Lip Reader. Michael Thal is a freelance writer and author in Los Angeles, California. Michael began his career in public education, but due to a severe hearing loss, he left his tenured sixth grade teaching assignment to learn the writing craft. Michael has written over 80 articles for magazines like Highlights For Children, Fun for Kidz, Writer’s Digest, and San Diego Family Magazine. His novels include Goodbye Tchaikovsky, The Legend of Koolura, Koolura and the...

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New Book Release: “Smith: An Unauthorized Fictography” by Jory Post

Smith: An Unauthorized Fictography

We are pleased and honored to be able to announce the immediate availability of Smith: An Unauthorized Fictography by Jory Post. In a kaleidoscopic, episodic joy ride, Jory Post treats us to thirty interviews that may or may not be real, with an array of “ordinary” people who turn out to be anything but, all of them in conversation with an interviewer who is herself a mystery. As one encounter follows another, we realize that “Smith” is a convenient alias for a range of voices, including: a traveling nurse from Saipan, a Vietnam-war vet who lives in his truck, a...

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