Our Authors

Andrea Monticue

Andrea Monticue is an aircraft technician who has crawled around inside of the B2, corporate jets, and puddle jumpers. She figures this makes her an expert on starships. She and her wife live on the west coast of the North American Continent, enjoying redwoods, scuba, archery, bicycling, skateboarding, coffee, reading,

Bob Schoonover

Bob Schoonover is a Navy brat, with a Navy pilot father and Navy WAVE mother. He moved frequently as a child until his father retired and settled in Chico, California in the '60s. After high school in Chico and attending Occidental College, Bob began his own career in the Navy

Christy Diane Farr

My name is Christy Diane Farr and I am the unruly woman. It is my heart’s mission to help women change their lives. What’s “normal” feels too formal and doesn’t capture the most powerful parts of my story. Yes, I have a degree. Yes, I went to school to learn

Flavia Idà

Flavia was born and raised in Arena, a medieval hill town in Calabria, the ancient "instep" of the Italian Peninsula, and studied Classics and European Literature at the University of Naples. She wrote her first short story when she was 12, and ever since then, writing has been the most

Laureen Hudson

Laureen is a writer, publisher, editor, enthusiastic geek enabler, autodidact, activist, and instigator. She has spoken before capacity crowds at engineering conferences, gatherings, and hackfests on the topics of new media, communications, and publication models. She lives aboard a ’47 catamaran with her family, and if she’s not online, it’s

J Dark

J Dark is a latecomer to the writing profession, but enjoying every moment that life will allow. “The best thing to me is writing a story that someone enjoys. If I've made something fun and entertaining for people, it's a win-win.” J Dark lives with a house full of dreams,

Jay Hartlove

Jay Hartlove is the award-winning author of the urban fantasy Goddess Rising Trilogy (Goddess Chosen, Goddess Daughter, Goddess Rising) and the fantasy romance Mermaid Steel. He is also the playwright, director and producer of The Mirror’s Revenge, the musical sequel to the Snow White fable, which had its theatrical run

L. A. Jacob

L. A. Jacob (also writing as Jake Logan) has been writing fiction for over 30 years. She has been involved with Ceremonial Magic, Wicca and Paganism, and now considers herself Unitarian. Under the Jake Logan name, she writes gay male fiction, such as romance, erotica, mystery, or urban fantasy. Under

Leah RS Braun

A life‐long guide at heart, Leah spent the first half of her career as a wellness professional, personal trainer, and yoga studio owner. She now coaches private clients and groups to find and do the work they love as #thework4joycoach. Leah lives in Minnesota with her family. She is available

Marlene Anne Bumgarner

Marlene Anne Bumgarner was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Following World War II she and her parents sailed to New York, then lived on a family-owned poultry farm in Zephyrhills, Florida and in a rural community in Victoria, Australia, before settling permanently in California. Marlene put herself through college working

Mary Flodin

Before settling into the writer’s life, Mary taught environmental education, English, and art for over twenty-five years in California public schools. She lives in a cottage on the Central California Coast with her husband — a retired NASA climate scientist — and their dog, koi, chickens, and gopher herd, where

Nancy Wood

Nancy Wood grew up in various locations on the East Coast and now calls Central California home. Recently retired, she spent 35 years as a technical writer, translating engineer-speak into words and sentences. She likens it to translating ancient Greek — when you’re not too familiar with the Greek part.

Ryan Southwick

Ryan Southwick is the author of "The Z-Tech Chronicles" urban fantasy series. He lives in the coastal fog south of San Francisco with his spouse and two children. In addition to writing, he’s a software developer, manager, agile coach, database administrator, and, almost a lifetime ago, a radiation therapy technologist.

Sophie Kearing

Sophie Kearing lives in Chicago with her fur babies and an overworked Nespresso machine. She loves hot coffee, Oxford commas, and the smell of new paperbacks. Her short fiction has been featured by Mojave Heart Review, Ellipsis Zine, Left Hand Publishers, Jolly Horror Press, Spelk Fiction, Moonchild Magazine, Horror Tree,

Stephen Pimentel

Stephen Pimentel writes science fiction and fantasy, mostly short stories. He lives with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a software engineer at Apple. Before moving to California, he worked for a technology startup near Washington, D.C. He has worked on various aspects of

Steve Soult

Steve Soult graduated with a BS EE degree from the University of Santa Clara in 1971. He then went to the Navy’s OCS in Newport, RI and was commissioned as a US Naval Officer. During the Vietnam War, he was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Base. After his release

Steven Radecki

Steven Radecki has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. After earning a degree in Information and Computer Science, he authored several technical papers about computer technology and one non-fiction book about developing multimedia applications. Now, he focuses on writing novels and screenplays. He is a certified

Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

Vanessa MacLaren-Wray writes stories and poems, makes robots and photographs, and works towards a more climate-safe energy paradigm. She grew up in a peripatetic military family, experiencing First Contact with strange beings and new worlds as a regular part of life.  When she discovered science fiction magazines hidden in her

Vern Smith

Vern Smith is the author of The Green Ghetto (Run Amok Books), a novel set on Detroit’s dysfunctional prairie. Broken Pencil calls it “a model for modern westerns.” His novelette, The Gimmick, was a finalist for Canada’s highest crime-writing honor, the Arthur Ellis Award. It will be the title track

Kimberley Wall

Kimberley Wall has been a project manager, a program manager, an office manager, and a caregiver. Now in her fourth professional decade, she is learning to balance work with play, science with art, and attachment with release. She is currently brewing tea, studying witchcraft, and promoting grace and dignity at