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Interview: Laureen Hudson, Acquisitions Editor

What got you into editing as a profession, and what helps with being a good editor? So that’s actually a funny story. Waaaaaaay back in high school, I signed up to work on the school newspaper. The teacher noticed me informally answering other people’s questions about spelling and word choice, and decided I should be the editor. That would have been where it stopped, except that the school principal made a habit of censoring editorials in the paper. It enraged me, and I embarked on an anti-censorship campaign that ultimately got me suspended a few times… but I learned the...

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Slush Pile December!

Now that we're heavily into November, and anyone doing NaNoWriMo is already committed to their novel, a lot of writers are asking, "What's next? What do I do now that I've written it?" We are here to help! Paper Angel Press will be running a blog series during the entire month of December, "Slush Pile December," to help you get your manuscript into shape for potential submission. Every Thursday, we will throw down on some topic of relevance to the new writer looking to make their submission stand out from the rest of the slush pile. We are super excited...

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