Niki Lenhart

Niki Lenhart is a professional artist and photographer. When she is not designing book covers and marketing material for Paper Angel Press, she enjoys photography, online gaming, camping, and board games. You can find more examples of her work at Niki Lenhart Designs and Niki Lenhart Photography.

Laureen Hudson

Laureen is a writer, publisher, editor, enthusiastic geek enabler, autodidact, activist, and instigator. She has spoken before capacity crowds at engineering conferences, gatherings, and hackfests on the topics of new media, communications, and publication models. She lives aboard a ’47 catamaran with her family, and if she’s not online, it’s probably because she’s crossing an ocean. She can be found at The Excellent Adventure.

Steven Radecki

When not managing Paper Angel Press, Steven is a certified project manager and web programmer, as well as an aspiring novelist, screenwriter, and short-story author.

He created Paper Angel Press because he wanted to make it easier for other writers realize their dreams of seeing their books published.

A native-born Californian, he currently lives with his family in Silicon Valley. He can be found at A Work in Progress.