Sex on Fire (Review Quote): Joan Furman

“Never again pass a sign that says ‘Lost and Found’ without paying homage to Leah Braun and other women who have survived and thrived past coming of age in a childhood and adolescence of traumatic sexual soup. Leah bravely shares her story of what happens to the heart and soul when raped, sexually abused and objectified. She shows the patterns of perpetrators who, rather than trench coat-wearing men in dark alleys are often trusted members or friends of the family or church, and who take advantage of children and adolescents left unsupervised. Leah shows how this template of powerlessness can lead to further torture and abuse in the name of love and relationship in adulthood. Leah’s story is one of recovery and healing and should be read by all women stuck in cycles of sexual pain and living with the ghosts of the past.”

Joan Furman, MSN, AHN-BC, CETII
Holistic Counseling Services