Fruit of the Devil

by Mary Flodin

Ms. Aurora Bourne would do anything to protect her students from harm … even if that means going up against the most powerful corporation on the planet.

While getting her classroom ready for Fall, Aurora feels sick, and it’s more than back-to-school-blues. Strawberry fields nearby have just been fumigated and pesticides are drifting into the classrooms. Soon, a spate of serious health issues crop up in children and adults around the school. Then the teenage sister of a migrant student goes missing from the strawberry fields, and Aurora realizes that pesticides aren’t the only threat to her students’ safety. She begins to understand why the farmworkers call strawberries Fruta del Diablo — the Fruit of the Devil.

Aurora starts asking questions and gets caught in a web of gangs, drugs, trafficking, and high-level corporate crime. When a Catholic priest comes to her aid, she falls in love with him, complicating her life further. She has no idea he’s actually an ancient nature god out of Pacific Coast indigenous legends.

Available October 1, 2019

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