Review: Broken Bridge (L. A. Jacob)

“The novel is a wild, whiplash of a ride, with twists and turns and surprises.”

L. A. Jacob
author of Grimaulkin and War Mage

Review: Broken Bridge (Ryan Southwick)

“If you’re an urban fantasy fan, then pick up Broken Bridge. You won’t regret it.”

Ryan Southwick
author of Angels in the Mist and Zima: Origins

Broken Bridge

Talk about Byzantine influences.

Fern Fatelli is approached by a desperate father to find his daughter before something bad happens to her, only to find that the job is really a diversion made to have her owe a service to a fae lord.

Cobb, the fae lord, then contracts Fern, not as a finder, but as a wizard, and forces her to re-open the Anolyn way.

As this is going on, Cobb is deliberately obstructing her research, and, more sinisterly, sending creatures to attack her, all the while expecting results.

What does a girl do to get a break?