Review: Corporate Catharsis (Nancy Wood)

“As a survivor of Silicon Valley, I was particularly enchanted with this anthology. All of the stories are rooted in the hard cold reality of the corporate world, but all take some kind of mind-bending twist. I urge you to give page-turning stories a try — no matter what genre you prefer, you’ll find it here.”

Nancy Wood
author of Due Date and The Stork

Review: Corporate Catharsis (Paul S. Moore)

“Very clever writers having fun with the world they walk in. Read it for therapy if you work in a cubicle. Read it for fun, just for the hell of it.”

Paul S. Moore
author of Rules of the Campfire and Songs in a Box

Corporate Catharsis

We’ve all been there: standing behind a desk or a counter for ridiculously long hours, letting the movie of our imagination roll behind our eyes. We’re certain that you can, far too easily, find inspiration from your workplace. Magic, mayhem, revenge — and, yes, perhaps even redemption — can all be found here.