Romantic Disasters at Sea


Life at sea presents many challenges, and finding (and keeping) love is one of the biggest. Heartwreck: Romantic Disasters at Sea is a collection of

Corporate Catharsis

by Andrea Monticue, Bob Schoonover, J Dark, Kimberley Wall, L. A. Jacob, Laureen Hudson, Ryan Southwick, Sophie Kearing, Stephen Pimentel, Steve Soult, Steven Radecki, Vern Smith

This is the anthology we all need — one that can help us survive our corporate servitude with our hearts and souls intact.

We’ve all been there: standing behind a desk or a counter for ridiculously long hours, letting the movie of our imagination roll behind our eyes.

Grimaulkin Tales

A Grimaulkin Anthology

by L. A. Jacob

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the people in their life — Mike LeBonte is no exception.

Who is Ritter, and why is he so important to Mike? Who is the Grey Man in the Atheneum? And what is Chevalier to the

Paper Angel Press Sampler

(2020 Edition)

by Paper Angel Press

Storytelling is an act of courage and of faith.

This volume contains bits of tales from authors who were brave enough to trust us with their literary offspring to bring their stories to appreciative

Paper Angel Press Sampler

(2017 Edition)

by Paper Angel Press

Words have power.

They have shape and color and tone, they have texture and subtext, they can make us think and cry and laugh and rage and ponder.

Sometimes After Dark

by J Dark

A collection of thoughtful tales by J Dark

Among the tales collected here to make you think, question, and wonder … A rescue mission in a combat zone on a hostile planet becomes