Vern Smith

Vern Smith is the author of The Green Ghetto (Run Amok Books), a novel set on Detroit’s dysfunctional prairie. Broken Pencil calls it “a model for modern westerns.” His novelette, The Gimmick, was a finalist for Canada’s highest crime-writing honor, the Arthur Ellis Award. It will be the title track of his second collection of short fiction: The Gimmick: novelettes, stories, and sketches, due out in 2020 on Run Amok Books.

A veteran of four daily newspapers, three magazines, two radio stations, and a government caucus, Smith’s fiction has appeared in several anthologies and magazines. The Windsor, Ontario native and longtime Toronto resident recently immigrated to the U.S. and now lives in quasi-rural Illinois where the streets are named after dead golfers. Coincidentally, he has wrapped a novel about a caddy pulling a payroll heist. It is called Under the Table and will be published by Run Amok Books.

Books by Vern Smith