Leah RS Braun

Leah RS Braun is nearly always uncomfortable talking about herself, but is working hard on not dimming her light, because that kind of thing really doesn’t serve anyone.

Leah’s day job is: Yoga Studio Owner/Intuitive Personal Trainer, and her very cute studio is on the western edge of Minneapolis. Leah has worked in the fitness industry since 1993, and now spends her time trying to figure out ways to change that industry from the inside out. She provides professional development for yoga teachers and personal trainers on inclusivity, leadership, intuitive training/teaching methodology, and the general skills of the job.

She lives with her (amazing) husband, two kids, and two cats about a half-mile from the studio in a regular house. She dreams often of ways to make the regular more sparkly in many areas of life. Leah REALLY likes talking to groups about fitness, trauma recovery, dancing, yoga, and lots of other stuff, so if you want to schedule an event, what are you waiting for?

Go to Leah The Writer to get in touch. And remember, nobody will tell your story as well as you do, so buck up and own it. Blessings be. Ah-ho.

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