Building Baby Brother

by Steven Radecki

It seemed like a good idea at the time …

Children will always grow up, whether we’re ready for them to or not.

One truth about parenthood that I’ve learned is that there will come a time when your children will ask you difficult, and perhaps even uncomfortable, questions for which they expect you to have the answers.

It’s also true that we often find it difficult to deny our children the things that they most desire — like freedom.

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Reader Reviews

“This story is poignantly heartwarming, and heartbreaking. Building Baby Brother is well worth your time.”

J Dark
author of Sometimes After Dark and the “Glass Bottles” series

“Touching, funny, and wise, and will appeal to sci-fi fans, as well as to fans of family drama and YA.”

Nancy Wood
author of Due Date and The Stork

“… a thoughtful, deliberate pace, expertly woven through a heartwarming father/son tale. If you’re looking for a cyber-ish book with a squishy soft side, Building Baby Brother is a quick, engaging read.”

Ryan Southwick
author of Angels in the Mist

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