Broken Bridge

Book Two of the Glass Bottles Series

by J Dark

Sometimes a broken bridge has to be crossed.

Talk about Byzantine influences.

Fern Fatelli is approached by a desperate father to find his daughter before something bad happens to her, only to find that the job is really a diversion made to have her owe a service to a fae lord.

Cobb, the fae lord, then contracts Fern, not as a finder, but as a wizard, and forces her to re-open the Anolyn way.

As this is going on, Cobb is deliberately obstructing her research, and, more sinisterly, sending creatures to attack her, all the while expecting results.

What does a girl do to get a break?

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Reader Reviews

“The novel is a wild, whiplash of a ride, with twists and turns and surprises.”

L. A. Jacob
author of Grimaulkin and War Mage

“If you’re an urban fantasy fan, then pick up Broken Bridge. You won’t regret it.”

Ryan Southwick
author of Angels in the Mist and Zima: Origins

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