All That Was Asked

by Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

It was supposed to be an easy jaunt to observe the stick-like aliens of Deep Valley Universe.

But Ansegwe — perpetual student, aspiring poet, and scion of the (allegedly criminal) Varayla Syndicate — well, he just has to ruin everything. As everyone knows, Ansegwe may have sensibility, but he’s not long on sense.

When a weird, twitchy little creature attaches itself to him, Ansegwe violates every protocol in the handbook to save its life. Finding himself in all kinds of trouble, Ansegwe needs to make some serious life changes, starting with that complicated family of his.

Ansegwe may just have to grow up … now that he’s adopted an alien.

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Reader Reviews

“The characters are well-drawn and varied, the history just deep enough to whet your appetite, the relationships abstract yet rewarding, and the twists and turns plentiful. If you’re in the mood for something different and refreshing, without going off the science fiction deep-end, All That Was Asked is a sure-win.”

Ryan Southwick
author of Angels in the Mist

“This is a billed as sci-fi, but it’s more. It’s a story of wonder and friendship, loyalty and bravery, and ultimately, love. A highly recommended read.”

Nancy Wood
author of Due Date and The Stork