Laureen Hudson

Laureen has been an editor since high school, where she led the beleaguered staff of the Hilltop News to uncensored glory two years in a row. From that experience, she learned the power of the well-chosen phrase, and that ideas set down in print have the capability to change the world.

She’s spent the last two decades coaxing glorious language out of fantasy, science fiction, alternative thinking, and technical writers, helping them to get what’s in their heads more completely and accurately onto the page.

“Laureen is absolute magic. After our work together I had not only an amazing piece of writing that was exactly what I wanted to say, but a better grasp on my habits as a writer, good and bad. She showed me so much about the way I use my words and how to be more effective with them!”

Whether what you have is a fully-developed manuscript or just a handful of ideas on the back of napkins, Laureen can help you get your message into print.