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How Is Your Heart?

The Unruly Woman's Approach to Emotional Freedom

by Christy Diane Farr

We ache for peace, but can’t stop cultivating conflict.

We crave to live fully in this moment. We know that there is a better way to show up in the world. We seek and study, attempting to jump through all of the hoops but find there simply isn’t enough yoga, meditation, or optimism to outrun the old heartbreaks that haunt us. We need to be willing to expose these dysfunctional patterns in our own lives. Through self-exploration we can observe the thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that produce these undesired outcomes and change the way we experience the world around us. We can unhook from the history of powerlessness and free
ourselves to live and truly thrive in this moment.

We want to be loving, patient parents and vow to do it differently than we were parented but when the heat is on, we lose ourselves in the intensity and end up yelling at our little ones. Those of us who swore we’d never treat a woman the way men our mothers end up perpetuating the same cycles of violence and adultery against our own partners. We leave relationships because they feel untrue for us and then fall in love with someone new who treats us just the same.

We all deserve to have our stories healed so we can grow through them instead of being consumed. But nobody can do this work for us. It’s our time to be brave. It’s our time to explore the spirituality of the self.

It’s our time to take back our lives.

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How Is Your Heart?