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Beguiling Voices

The Glass Bottles series: Book Four

by J Dark

Never trust magic … or the people that hire you.

Fern Fatelli dives back into her job as a 'trapper', and is hired to kidnap a girl away from an abusive household … [More]

Coming in Fall 2018

How Is Your Heart?

The Unruly Woman's Approach to Emotional Freedom

by Christy Diane Farr

We ache for peace, but can't stop cultivating conflict.

We crave to live fully in this moment. We know that there is a better way to show up in the world. … [More]

Coming in 2018

Raising Baby Brother

The Baby Brother series: Book Two

by Steven Radecki

Adolescence can be a challenging time — okay, a very challenging time — for both parents and children alike, particularly when one of your children really does know more about the world than you do.


Coming in Fall 2018

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