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A Shelby McDougall Mystery

by Nancy Wood

Surrogate mother Shelby McDougall just fell for the biggest con of all: a scam that risks her life … and the lives of her unborn twins.

Twenty-three-year-old Shelby McDougall is facing a mountain of student debt and a memory she’d just as soon forget. An ad in Rolling Stone for a

Available Spring 2019

Finding Baby Brother

Book Two of the Baby Brother Series

by Steven Radecki

Adolescence can be a challenging time — okay, a very challenging time — for both parents and children alike, particularly when one of your children really does know more about the world than you do.

Available Summer 2019

Grimaulkin Collected

A Grimaulkin Anthology

by L. A. Jacob

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the people in their life — Mike LeBonte is no exception.

Who is Ritter, and why is he so important to Mike? Who is the Grey Man in the Atheneum? And what is Chevalier to the

Available Spring 2019

L’ultimo granello del mondo

(The Last Speck of the World)

by Flavia Idà

Senza nome. Senza razza. Senza nazionalità. La superstite della catastrofe perfetta lotta per preservare se stessa e la sua speranza di essere trovata — da esseri umani.

“Sono femmina, di trentadue anni, sola nell’ultimo granello del mondo. Il mio nome, la mia razza e la mia nazionalità non sono importanti. Non so

Available February 2019

Memory and Metaphor

by Andrea Monticue

Civilization fell. It rose again. People built starships.

A millennium after the Earth was abandoned to climate change and resource depletion, Sharon Manders wakes up in a body that used to belong to

Available February 2019

Sometimes, After Dark

A Collection of Cautionary Tales

by J Dark

A collection of cautionary tales by J Dark

Available Spring 2019

The Stork

A Shelby McDougall Mystery

by Nancy Wood

It’s been five and a half years, and Shelby McDougall is finally on track. And then a late-night phone call puts Shelby’s perfectly ordered life into a tailspin.

Back in Santa Cruz, California, she’s sharing an apartment with her brother, and is in her second year of criminal justice studies. She’s landed her

Available Fall 2019